Angela E. Fuller, M.S., L.P.C.


 A Series of Therapeutic Books for Adults and Kids

Dr. Fuller & Angie Fuller

Sample of Therapeutic Suggestions

It Happened to Me, Too!
Sexual harassment, 
Which is all around us, 

I met sexual harassment.
A lewd bird dropped,
An abuser into my lap.

I wondered what was going on. 
My harasser knew.
I did not.
It puzzled and confused me. 

To cope . . .
I acted,
Like nothing happened.
My addled mind nearly stopped. 

I was shocked and appalled. 
What a misery,
To carry this burden.  .  .  .

I am astonished by my recovery.
My self-talk breathes new life into me. 
Putting myself back together.

I let go — 
Turn loose of past concerns.
I'm comfortable in my own body. . . .