About my practice

Angela E. Fuller, M.S., L.P.C.

In my  clinical practice, I incorporate the tools of psychodynamic as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy.  Counseling techniques are chosen to meet your individual needs.

I believe that a safe and supportive relationship is the key to successful therapy. I provide a comfortable and nurturing environment for you as we explore your emotions and experiences.

This is especially helpful because many times, someone enters psychotherapy because of a personal crisis. Together we can harness the opportunity to help you learn more about yourself, create more effective choices and change your life.

I advocate a comprehensive team approach.  For some problems disorders -- including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, panic disorder and major depression -- I may recommend a psychiatric consultation for medication.

I also work to help couples discover new ways to introduce romance into their relationship. I may supplement our office visits with homework assignments to reinforce new listening and communication practices as well as more effective behaviors.  And, in treating sexual problems, I may refer to a sex therapist.

I work towards providing new skills for more effective problem solving.

I seek to bring a sense of balance to relationships. With inappropriate boundaries between family members, for example, I help to open new lines of communication and establish firm or more open boundaries.