Angela E. Fuller, M.S., L.P.C.
I do not claim to be able to treat all mental disorders. Like other Licensed Professional Counselors, I am qualified in psychotherapy techniques. I choose my areas of expertise carefully.

Social anxiety
Panic attacks
Life transitions
Compulsive Internet use
Interpersonal conflicts
Foggy memory
Effective problem solving
Women’s issues
​​Stress Management
I devote a portion of my practice to dealing with women's issues. These include personal awareness, self-image, caretaking, caregiving, career and family balance, self-care and relational issues.

By emphasizing an interpersonal model, I encourage women to achieve balance and control in their lives.  Through personalized counseling I help women of all ages learn to factor in their own needs while dealing with other issues.

​Women often struggle with mild depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties or report that they just “don’t feel happy”.

These struggles may occur during life transition times, such as starting a family, having children start school, dealing with midlife crisis, going through menopause, becoming an empty nester, facing job changes or retirement.

When something feels out of balance in a woman’s life, my style of counseling can help:

 · bring more joy into your life
· heal old hurts and wounds
· forgive others or yourself
· manage mild anxiety or depression
· learn new ways of self care
· create more realistic goals for life
· examine negative & faulty thoughts
· let go of regrets, bitterness, and resentment
· express feelings in a healthy way

Together we focus on concerns particular to women, from adolescence to old age, such as body image, care taking, career and family balance, victimization and self-care.

​ Development of more fulfilling couple, parent-child and family relationships is a priority.

I help patients identify themes and develop more adaptive patterns in their lives. I also encourage patients to look at themselves and others in new ways.